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The Story

After ten years of scraping, our nomadic programming found a home...

We accomplished the unthinkable and acquired our very own all-ages venue in the heart of Fields Corner, a gallery called Dorchester Art Project (DAP). Since the fateful meeting of the minds between the artist owners and Brain Arts co-directors, we’ve managed to make the space into our own while preserving the original intentions of its founders. For the past nine months we’ve exhibited 84 artists in 3 exhibitions, booked over 100 shows, and hosted over a dozen community partners for their events, benefits, parties, classes, and so much more. It’s truly been amazing to be able to come to a space that is our own, as it constantly reminds us of the pivotal communal effort it took to get it. Everyday we are thankful for the hundreds of donors who contributed to the 2017 Hassle Telethon and got us this space.

What's Next?

Since moving to DAP, we have accelerated our organization towards the precipice of a cultural transformation. As an artist, musician, show goer, and/or general art participant, you know the value and necessity in having a physical artist-run space in this city. It is the ONLY WAY for us to provide and improve access to local, independent, underground art and music on our terms. It is the only way for the disparate art communities of Greater Boston to make accessibility sustainable, especially to those who may not have previously had that access and without the expectation of cultural gatekeeping that seems so prevalent in institutions. This is unprecedented for our organization, but we understand the large responsibility we have to continue delivering this access and information to our community.

But we can’t continue the work in this greater capacity without support from donors.

What started as a passion for all ages programming between two friends has grown into a beautiful collective of people doing impactful work every single day. The Hassle shows, Bostonhassle.com, the Compass, DAP... nothing would be possible without the contributions of our volunteers, donors, and community partners. Intentional participation by the collective is absolutely critical to continue the work that we do, which is why we are asking for your help in raising $15,000 for our organization and all it takes to run it.

What the Money is For

We have three main objectives we will tackle with the money:

  • Invest in our space so it is more suitable for long-term operations, more accessible, and more empowering for all who enter
  • Expand the types of programming we offer, deliver them to underserved communities, and keep them free or affordable
  • Fairly compensate the people who work to make this all happen

With your donation, you can help make this little org that could into a formidable cultural force as we strengthen our projects and make the artist-run space more ideal for connecting, creating, and community building. In short, your donation of any size will help make all our DIY dreams come true.

We want to thank you for your support, as it has given us hope and ensured stability for the future of independent arts and culture in Boston. Your donation will give way for others to participate in all our artistic offerings in potentially life-changing ways.

—Brain Arts Organization


Reward Levels

All Telethon donors (our Buds) will receive a Boston Hassle Sticker! 

Seedlings $30

  • Boston Hassle pin
  • Exclusive Hassle Telethon sticker
  • Hassle compilation download (via Bandcamp)

Cabbage Patch $50

All previous rewards plus...

  • Hassle Telethon patch

Smarty Plants $100

All previous rewards plus...

  • Hassle Telethon canvas bag

Pollinators $150

All previous rewards plus...

  • Boston Hassle t-shirt

Plant Parent $300

All previous rewards plus...

  • Hasslefest poster book

Green Giant $500

All previous rewards plus...

  • A complimentary DAP rental

Garden Guardian $1000

All previous rewards plus...

  • Boston Hassle volunteers will come to your house and host a taco party for you and your friends (seriously!) <3



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